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exhausts manifolds


exhausts manifolds
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Exhaust Manifolds

Exhaust Manifolds + PD1200 Turbochargers Set Premium-quality Exhaust Manifolds Kit for the 4.0 TFSI EA825 engine platform.Thanks to our high-flow design, the Power Division Exhaust Manifolds will improve exhaust flow, allowing for its best possible entrance into the turbochargers, and maintaining its full momentum, which leads to their increased performance.Every Power Division Exhaust Manifold is precisely hand-made using our authors stainless steel alloys, and is additionally insulated to prevent overheating of the surrounding parts. Key features: Enlarged ports Improved exhaust flow rate Improved throttle response Improved turbo spool through the whole RPM range Plug & Play design Guaranteed power gains for Stage 3 & Stage 4 builds. Tested up to 1200HP Every Set Includes: 2x Exhaust Manifold Mounting Hardware Installation Guide