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Power Division

Water-Methanol Injection Set - Audi RS Q8 4M

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*Offered only as a part of Power Division Stage 4 Kit.

Premium-quality Water-Methanol injection Set for the Audi RS Q8 4M platform.
Developed to give even more power, torque, and to extend the lifespan of your engine, promoting cleaner, colder & more efficient running.

Key features:

  • Tailor made methanol tank that fits into the original luggage space
  • Low-key & elegant design that isn't noticeable at road side checks situations.
  • Healthier and safer engine operation under the high loads
  • Guaranteed power & torque gains for Stage 4 builds
  • Tested up to 1200HP

Every Set Includes:

  • 1x Water-methanol tank
  • 1x Water-methanol controller
  • 2x Water-methanol injectors & lines
  • 1x Water-methanol selonoid
  • 1x Water-methanol filter
  • Wiring
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Guide


Most of Power Division parts are available as a separate product or, as a part of Power Division’s Power Packages aka STAGE KITS.


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• Engine performance improvement - 1060HP / 1250Nm
• 100-200 km/h acceleration - 4,85s
• Gearbox operation speed improvement
• Improved engine and exhaust sounds

(Tested on Lamborghini Urus)