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Power Division

Stage 3/4 KIT [EA825] - Urus, RS6 &RS7 C8, RSQ8, SQ8, SQ7, S8, Panamera, Cayenne


  • PD1200 Turbochargers KIT
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • High-pressure Fuel Upgrade Kit
  • Low-pressure Fuel Upgrade
  • 4Bar Map sensors Kit
  • Sport Spark plugs Kit
  • Mounting materials set
  • Instalation manual

+ WMI Kit for Stage4 KIT

Applicable for:

  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Audi RS6 C8
  • Audi RS7 C8
  • Audi RSQ8
  • Audi SQ8
  • Audi SQ7
  • Audi S8
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Porsche Cayenne

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Awake the BEAST mode!

For the most demanding customers, where Stage1 & Stage2 is not sufficient we have developed the Stage3 & Stage4 Package, which allows to gain extraordinary power gains!
Our highest quality, handcrafted set allows to exclude all weak points of the EA825 platform, making (together with our Intercoolers & Intake Kits) the magic 1000HP barrier easily achievable!

PD1200 Turbochargers KIT

The set of Power Division's turbochargers. Designed to significantly improve the boost pressure, which results in a new level in performance.

Tested on the boost presure up to 3b.
Power at 2,25b - 1000HP

Exhaust Manifolds

The set of Power Division's stainless steel Exhaust Manifolds. Allows to improve the flow of exhaust gases, resulting in better performance.

- 2x Exhaust manifolds
- Mounting materials

High-pressure Fuel Upgrade Kit

The full set of High-pressure Fuel Upgrade for 4.0 TFSI (EA825) allowing to increase the amount of fuel delievered to the engine.

- Change of the fuel pressure from 25mpa to 33mpa (tested on stock injectors)
- The diameter of fuel lines was changed from 6mm to 8mm to cope with the updated quantity of the fuel

Kit’s Efficiency tested up to 1200HP

Low-pressure Fuel Upgrade

The full set of Low-pressure Fuel Upgrade for 4.0 TFSI (EA825) which allows to increase the effieciency of the OEM fuel fump.

- LPFP Controller
- Mounting materials

4Bar Map sensors Kit

The full set of Power Division's 4bar map sensors for 4.0 TFSI (EA825). Designed to cope with a higher boost pressures, after replacing the OEM turbochargers.

- 4x 4Bar Map Sensors

Sport Spark plugs Kit

The full set of Racing Spark plugs for 4.0 TFSI (EA825). Designed to cope with a higher temperatures and increased power of a highly tuned engines.

- 8x Spark plugs
- 1x Dedicated socket

Water-Methanol Incjection Kit (Stage4)

The custom Water-Methanol Injection Kit is the last step in modification of your 4.0 TFSI Engine. It gives an extra field for power gains and keeps your engine safe and cool.

- WMI Controller
- 2x Nozzles
- 1x Pump
- 1x Filter
- 2x Selenoids
- Custom tank which suits the trunk perfectly
- Mounting materials