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Power Division

Stage 2 Kit - Lamborghini Urus

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• Power Division Air intake Set
• Power Division Intercoolers Set
• Racing Spark Plugs Set
• Power Division Sports Cat / De-Cat Downpipes Set


• Engine performance improvement - 830HP / 1100Nm
• 100-200 km/h acceleration - 6,8s
• Gearbox operation speed improvement
• Improved engine and exhaust sounds

(Tested on Lamborghini Urus)



The main goal behind the creation of Power Division Carbon intake system was clear – to deliver the Plug & Play Intake Set which will be able to support the most powerful builds.

We spent tens on hours on analyzing, testing and prototyping the best solution and finally we achieved our goal, which is now available to everybody.

Power Division’s engineers completely redesigned the stock AirBox, which thanks to use almost entire available space under the hood resulted in unprecedented increase of airflow.

What is more, we changed the shapes to make sure that air will be flowing to the engine in the most optimal way.

To reveal the full potential of airbox, every Power Division Intake Kit is equipped with a panel high-flow air filter which drastically increases the airflow – such necessary for every modified car.

As a next step, we make sure that the air travels from airbox into the turbos without any unnecessary distortions - leaving airbox, air goes through enlarged silicone hoses directly into completely redesigned turbo inlets.

Size of this element was supported by accurate flow calculations, which as a result allowed us to change the diameter by 35%.

With all objectives met, our intake system delivers on all fronts and allows for the turbos to generate boost more efficiently.

This results in an improved throttle response and significant power gains, independently tested which increase with higher states of tune.

The performance gains measured are a result of the complete system we have developed from the airbox base to the lid and the inlets.

With all that affords Power Division’s carbon intake system become an entry, but crucial element on the every modification.

No matter if your target is 750 or 1200 HP  – the intake will be able to feed up the engine with the required amount of fresh air.

Key features:

  • 35% bigger plenum, turbo inlets & hoses compared to the original part.
  • Handcrafted with top-tier materials.
  • Guaranteed power gains for Stage1, Stage2, Stage3 & Stage4 builds.
  • Tested up to 1200 HP



The core size of the new Power Division Intercoolers Set offers 90% more volume than the factory-mounted intercooler.

Our experts have enhanced the end tank design to eliminate any OEM bottlenecks, increased the intercooler core size and efficiency, and boosted flow rating and charge cooling capabilities.

Every of our Intercooler Set makes use of a newly created, specially designed Power Division Intercooler Core - which is one of the finest, and most efficient Tube Fin cores available on the market.

The best possible internal airflow was achieved by optimizing the design using advanced flow analysis and simulations.

To guarantee that our intercoolers receive the best cooling air possible, every set additionally includes 2 pieces of tailor-made carbon air shroud.

Our intercoolers set is the best choice when it comes to extreme builds, letting you exceed powers of 1200 HP in your vehicle, while still maintaining low intake temperatures.

Each of our Intercoolers sets is put through a demanding quality check and tested for compressive strength up to 2.8 bar, before handing it over.

Key features:

  • 30% higher core
  • 40% thicker core
  • 90% greater overall core volume
  • Eleminated OEM end tanks bottlenecks
  • Handcrafted with top-tier authors alloys
  • Plug & Play design
  • Guaranteed power gains for Stage 2, Stage 3 & Stage 4 builds
  • Tested up to 1200 HP



Thanks to our high-flow design, the Power Division Downpipes will enhance the overall performance of your vehicle and will deliver a unique sound experience: from a low-down rumble to a strong mid-range V8 character and high-frequency top-end - giving you the ultimate driving experience.

Every Power Division Downpipe is hand-made with the highest quality stainless steel and is additionally insulated to prevent overheating of the surrounding parts.

Designed to perfectly fit in the space between the turbocharger and center exhaust, replacing the factory-mounted catalyst.

Our Sports Cat Downpipes will additionally enable You to pass emissions tests or roadside checks, while still improving previously mentioned aspects of your vehicle.

  • Improved exhaust flow rate
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved engine sound
  • Plug & Play design
  • Guaranteed power gains for Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 & Stage 4 builds.